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Mikeroseresearch is an authoritative and reliable source for the latest and most legitimate crypto airdrops. We diligently verify and compile a daily list of airdrops and bounties, offering you up-to-date and profitable opportunities for earning. Select from our range of airdrops and follow the detailed instructions to claim complimentary crypto tokens, or participate in community voting for your preferred projects.

Understanding Airdrops & Bounties:
Crypto airdrops are strategies used by crypto companies to distribute free coins amongst their community members, thereby enhancing the visibility of their projects, increasing circulation, and stimulating trading. We primarily feature “bounty” airdrops, which reward participants with tokens for completing basic tasks on social media platforms (like joining a Telegram group or reposting on Twitter). This symbiotic approach benefits both the companies, through cost-effective marketing, and participants, by offering free cryptocurrency airdrops.

Motivation Behind Free Coin Distribution in Crypto Airdrops and ICOs:
Cryptocurrencies gain value through communal belief and recognition of their worth. Wider ownership of a cryptocurrency typically leads to broader adoption and an increase in value. Airdrops leverage the endowment effect, where people value items more highly simply because they own them. Through bounty airdrops, DeFi startups gain extensive exposure for their projects, token sales, or pre-ICOs at minimal costs. These crypto airdrops also foster a large user network that actively supports the project’s success. Furthermore, projects encourage long-term coin holding (HODLing) by distributing free airdrops, thereby reducing selling pressure. Holder airdrops have been a key strategy for successful crypto projects like NXT, WAVES, Bitcore, and others.

Claiming Airdrops:
The procedure to claim crypto airdrops varies by project. Some automatically distribute tokens to wallets holding a specific coin, while others are snapshot-based and require holding the token during a predetermined snapshot time/block.

Holder Airdrops:
An example is the Byteball airdrop, initially given to Bitcoin holders and subsequently distributed monthly based on the BTC/GBYTE holding ratio. Such drops often lead to significant price movements.

Popular Holder Airdrops:
Free initial distributions of cryptocurrencies like Uniswap, Stellar Lumens, ARDR, and ARB have enabled participants to accumulate substantial wealth through their growth phases. We advise holding onto these airdrops for as long as possible, identifying potential in selected projects.

Social Media Airdrops and Bounties:
Participation in these airdrops typically requires active social media accounts and completing tasks like joining groups and sharing posts. Participants often need to submit a form with their details and wallet address post-completion.

Understanding Hard Forks:
A hard fork occurs when a cryptocurrency splits into two separate entities. The first notable example was Bitcoin Cash, splitting from Bitcoin in 2017. While we list hard forks primarily for informational purposes, they are similar to airdrops in some respects. However, caution is advised as their safety and legitimacy can’t always be verified.

Retroactive Airdrops:
This concept, popularized by Uniswap, involves distributing governance tokens to early protocol users. Other DeFi protocols have followed suit, seeing this as an effective strategy.

Discovering Potential Retroactive Airdrops:
Stay updated with protocols yet to issue governance tokens, as these interactions might count towards future airdrops. We will soon introduce a Retroactive DeFi Airdrops section for more insights.

NFT Airdrops:
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), representing a variety of digital assets, have gained significant popularity. Many projects and artists now airdrop NFTs to boost user engagement and awareness.

Exclusive Airdrops:
Hosted and managed by, these exclusive airdrops are available for query or hosting requests via email.

Navigating the Risks of Airdrops:
While crypto airdrops present enticing opportunities for acquiring free cryptocurrencies, they are not without potential risks. The most significant risk is the possibility of scams and fraudulent schemes disguised as legitimate airdrops. Participants may inadvertently expose themselves to phishing attacks, where malicious actors seek to steal sensitive information such as private keys or personal data. Additionally, some airdrops might require participants to perform tasks that compromise their security or privacy. It is also important to be cautious of airdrops from new or unverified projects, as they might be attempts to artificially inflate the perceived value of a token with no inherent worth. Therefore, it is crucial for participants to conduct thorough research, verify the credibility of the offering projects, and exercise a high degree of caution when sharing personal information or engaging with these opportunities. By remaining vigilant and informed, individuals can better navigate the landscape of crypto airdrops while minimizing their exposure to potential risks.

While we endeavor to list only credible projects, Mikeroseresearch is not liable for any issues or losses due to scams or misinformation. Remember, never share your private keys!

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