The 5 Best Solana Airdrops and How To Get Them

Solana is distinguished for its exceptionally rapid transaction speeds and a robust ecosystem in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape. The allure of receiving complimentary tokens via Solana airdrops is particularly compelling. This guide offers a detailed overview of the most anticipated Solana airdrops of 2023. It includes insights into the latest airdrops from Solana Waller, with a focus on the highly-anticipated Solana Jupiter airdrops. Readers will learn about eligibility criteria, methods to claim free SOL tokens, and will explore the leading airdrops within the Solana ecosystem, providing a thorough examination of the airdrop opportunities on Solana.

The Appeal of the Solana Ecosystem

The Solana ecosystem has captured the interest of cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide, largely due to its rapid growth, particularly as the fastest-expanding major blockchain network recently. Many Solana airdrops including its native token, SOL, experienced a significant surge in value, increasing from $19 to an impressive $65, and currently stabilizes around $58. This growth highlights Solana’s potential and appeal in the cryptocurrency sector, creating a fertile ground for airdrop opportunities, such as the anticipated Solana Waller and other upcoming 2023 airdrops. The expansion of the network enhances opportunities for free SOL tokens and participation in various airdrops, solidifying Solana’s status as a center for innovative airdrop projects and a thriving ecosystem.

Spotlight on Drift Protocol

Within the bustling Solana ecosystem, Drift Protocol emerges as a notable project, especially in decentralized finance (DeFi). Its on-chain perpetual swap exchange is recognized for its Dynamic AMM (DAMM) mechanism, which improves capital efficiency and minimizes slippage for traders. This mechanism represents a significant advancement in DeFi, offering enhanced capital efficiency and reduced slippage compared to traditional AMMs. Drift Protocol’s ability to adapt to market conditions and offer cross-margined positions, allowing up to five times leverage, positions it as a key player in the Solana ecosystem. The impending token launch of the protocol is expected to further its growth and attract a broader audience of traders and investors.

Why Drift Protocol is Noteworthy

  • Innovative DAMM Mechanism: Superior capital efficiency and slippage reduction.
  • Cross-Margined Positions: Up to five times leverage for traders.
  • User Experience Focus: Commitment to a seamless trading experience.
  • Upcoming Token Launch: Anticipated to drive growth and utility.

Eligibility for Drift Protocol Airdrop

To be eligible for the Drift Protocol airdrop, users should:

  1. Link their digital wallet to the Drift platform.
  2. Engage in trading activities on the exchange.
  3. Contribute liquidity to the Drift Liquidity Provider (DLP).
  4. Stake assets in the Drift Insurance Fund Vaults.

MarginFi: A Decentralized Lending Protocol

Our second Solana airdrop is MarginFi introducing a novel concept in the DeFi space on Solana: portfolio margining. This approach allows traders to manage multiple positions across various DeFi protocols with a single account, enhancing capital efficiency and risk management. MarginFi’s introduction of portfolio margining brings a new level of sophistication to DeFi, attracting a broader range of traders and contributing to the ecosystem’s growth.

Reasons to Pay Attention to MarginFi

  • Revolutionary Portfolio Margining: Streamlining trading across multiple protocols.
  • Enhanced Capital Efficiency: Maximizing capital use across protocols.
  • Advanced Risk Management: Algorithms for optimized position sizing.
  • Positive Ecosystem Impact: Contributing to Solana’s DeFi growth.

Earning Points for MarginFi Eligibility

MarginFi’s ‘loyalty points’ initiative plays a crucial role in its airdrop program. To earn these points, users should:

  1. Engage in lending activities on the platform.
  2. Participate in borrowing activities.
  3. Utilize MarginFi’s referral program.
  4. Optionally, stake SOL tokens as LST.

Jupiter Exchange: A Leading DEX Aggregator

Our third Solana airdrop is Jupiter Exchange which is a prominent DEX aggregator in the DeFi space on Solana, offering an efficient platform that aggregates liquidity from multiple DEXs. By consolidating liquidity and ensuring optimal trade execution, Jupiter Exchange democratizes access to high-quality trading opportunities and contributes significantly to the Solana DeFi space.

Key Features of Jupiter Exchange

  • DEX Aggregation: Offering the best trade prices across multiple DEXs.
  • Token Support: Wide range of Solana tokens supported.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Accessible to traders of all experience levels.
  • Positive Ecosystem Impact: Enhancing Solana’s DeFi liquidity and efficiency.

Eligibility for Jupiter Exchange Airdrop

To qualify for the Jupiter Exchange airdrop, users should:

  1. Opt for swaps via Jupiter.
  2. Facilitate limit orders through Jupiter.
  3. Employ Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) techniques.
  4. Utilize the Jupiter bridge


  1. Actively participate in trading perpetual contracts.

Zeta Markets: A Pioneering Options Platform

Our fourth Solana airdrop is Zeta Markets which is a decentralized options trading platform on Solana, known for its groundbreaking under-collateralized mechanism. This approach enables traders to enter options contracts with minimal capital, opening options trading to a broader audience and significantly impacting the Solana DeFi space.

Why Zeta Markets Stands Out

  • Under-Collateralized Options Trading: Low entry barrier.
  • Capital Efficiency and Accessibility: Enhanced capital utilization.
  • Significant Ecosystem Impact: Promoting growth within Solana’s DeFi space.

Earning Points for Zeta Markets Eligibility

Zeta’s structured points system is integral to its airdrop program. Trading activities and USDC deposits contribute to the accumulation of Z-Score points, determining eligibility for future airdrops.

Phantom Wallet: The Leading Solana Wallet

Our fifth Solana airdrop is Phantom, a versatile wallet and browser extension designed for managing digital assets and interacting with decentralized applications on the Solana blockchain. It operates by generating and managing private keys for its users, enabling them to securely store funds and authenticate transactions.

As of now, Phantom does not have its own native token, but there is speculation about a possible future token launch. Rumors suggest that engaging in swap transactions on the platform could make users eligible for an airdrop if Phantom decides to issue its own token.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Phantom

  1. Visit the Phantom Website: Start by navigating to the official Phantom website.
  2. Download the Wallet Extension: Phantom is compatible with several browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge. Choose the appropriate version for your browser.
  3. Install the Wallet: Follow the installation instructions and ensure you securely back up your recovery phrase, which is crucial for account recovery.
  4. Engage in Swap Transactions: Try making swap transactions within the wallet. This activity is rumored to potentially qualify users for an airdrop in the event Phantom launches its own token.

Important Considerations:

  • Airdrop and Token Launch: It is important to note that the possibility of Phantom launching its own token and conducting an airdrop is currently speculative. There is no official confirmation or guarantee from Phantom regarding such plans.
  • Rumors and Speculations: Always approach rumors and speculations with caution, especially in the cryptocurrency space, where misinformation can be common.

Exploring Potential Retroactive Airdrops:

For those interested in discovering more projects that currently do not have a native token but might potentially offer a governance token to early users in the future, consider exploring our curated list of potential retroactive airdrops. This list aims to identify and highlight projects with airdrop possibilities, ensuring enthusiasts don’t miss out on future decentralized finance (DeFi) airdrop opportunities.

Staying Informed:

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Solana’s ecosystem offers a variety of exciting airdrop opportunities for 2023. Staying informed about developments and utilizing airdrop checkers ensures participation in these opportunities. Understanding eligibility criteria and actively engaging with these projects allows users to capitalize on the dynamic and promising landscape of the Solana ecosystem.

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